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  • No squat bidet

    No squat bidet

    If you want to know about the squat-free bidet, please listen to Qi Wei to introduce you. The squat-free bidet is a type of bidet. The bidet

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  • Chunguitang nasal cavity care set

    Chunguitang nasal cav...

    It is a nasal cavity washing and care product developed by Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Qiwei has developed and upgraded the tradi

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  • Bottle enema

    Bottle enema

    Speaking of enema, we must first talk about enema. For most of my friends, enema is still a relatively unfamiliar word. Generally, there are

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  • Nasal irrigator

    Nasal irrigator

    The nasal washing device product developed and produced by Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd.-Qiwei manual nasal irrigator, toda

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  • Dual-mode nasal washing device (bend and straight dual purpose)

    Dual-mode nasal washi...

    Do you know the dual-mode nasal irrigator (bend and straight dual-purpose) straight head type and curved arm type mixed with this nasal irri

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  • Desktop electric nasal irrigator

    Desktop electric nasa...

    In this era of serious pollution, it is necessary to choose a suitable nasal irrigator as a standing medical device at home. If you don’t be

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  • Gynecological Gel

    Gynecological Gel

    Mainly refers to the gel type health care products that are used in the care of women's private parts. It is also called private care antiba

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  • Empty clean treasure space disinfection card

    Empty clean treasure ...

    Qi Wei is here to introduce the product of empty clean treasure space disinfection card. Kongjingbao space disinfection card is a kind of di

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  • Various medical masks

    Various medical masks

    Hangzhou Qiwei provides you with a variety of medical facial mask products. In the usual sense, medical facial masks generally refer to medi

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  • Various medical cold compresses

    Various medical cold ...

    Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides you with all kinds of medical cold compress products. Medical cold compresses are also calle

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  • Medical cold compress mask

    Medical cold compress...

    Compared with the traditional beauty mask, the medical cold compress mask is not a cosmetic brand product, but a mechanical brand product, t

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  • Liquid-based cell detection kit

    Liquid-based cell det...

    This product is called the liquid-based cell test kit, which is a set product for liquid-based cytology inspections for hospitals and other

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