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Desktop electric nasal irrigator

Desktop electric nasal irrigator

Product Details

In this era of serious pollution, it is necessary to choose a suitable nasal irrigator as a standing medical device at home. If you don’t believe it, you will encounter smog at every turn, go to work and school, and take a sniff. Waste residue from a lung, second-hand smoke, road dust, nasal congestion, nasal itching, and even bleeding. What should I do when encountering these small uncomfortable conditions?

The desktop electric nasal irrigator is a nasal washing device that can help you cope with the above situations. It is different from the general manual nasal irrigator. It is an electric structure. The pulsed water flow can help you clean the nasal cavity more thoroughly. The nozzle contains a water mist nozzle, which produces small water droplets, which is very gentle, even children can use it without worrying about discomfort caused by excessive pressure.

For the specific usage of the desktop electric nasal irrigator, you can refer to the product details below. First, add 500ml of saline, turn on the lowest switch, and rinse one nostril one by one. The pressure can be adjusted as you feel.

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