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Requirements for agents:
1. Have certain customer resources.
2. Have a mature and perfect sales network
3. Have practical market operation experience and strong market development capabilities;
4. Units or individuals with a certain amount of capital flow ability.
5. Have a good business network reputation and business ethics;
6. The determination to commit to long-term cooperation;
7. Have a strong sense of responsibility and confidence in products and patients;

Can provide strong support:
1. Provide a full set of mature marketing programs, thoughtful marketing operations and follow-up product support!
2. Regional domestic agent, strict market protection mechanism.
3. High-quality after-sales service, priority agency for follow-up products.
4. A full set of product information procedures and color pages, marketing team training and counseling support.
5. Reasonable price mechanism and profit operation space to ensure that your interests are relatively large!
6. Timely delivery to ensure delivery within 2-7 days across the country;
7. Year-end rebates for completing tasks;

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