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Chunguitang nasal cavity care set

Chunguitang nasal cavity care set

Product Details

Chunguitang nasal cavity wash and care kit is a nasal cavity wash and care product developed by Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Qiwei has developed and upgraded the traditional Chinese medicine nasal cavity lotion specially used in large domestic hospitals in the past 11 years, and specially created the original three Footwork, the brand "Spring Return" was born. The products included in the Chunguitang Nasal Care Kit include: deep sea salt packet x 20 packets (worth 20 yuan), Chinese medicine packet x 20 packets (value 80 yuan), nasal washing device x 1 (value 58 yuan), nasal bath essential oil x 2 bottles (Worth 100 yuan), the official uniform price of the Chunguitang nasal wash kit is 258 yuan.

We usually think that the important factors of suffering from rhinitis are caused by the environment of daily life and work pressure, especially in the current urban environment. The air quality is worrying. Dust, smog, etc. have brought great damage to the nasal cavity. Tired, many patients suffer from rhinitis. Qi Wei recommends that you do more nasal washing and pay attention to daily maintenance. Experts generally believe that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine nasal lotion is better than normal saline and better than high-concentration solutions. You can choose under the guidance of a doctor Purchase such products.

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