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  • Chinese medicine nasal spray

    Chinese medicine nasa...

    When we use nasal irrigator to clean the nasal cavity, the traditional Chinese medicine nasal cavity spray is a product that is very suitabl

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  • Temperature-controlled nasal irrigator


    Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has been selling temperature-controlled nasal irrigators for a long time. Welcome new and old

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  • Enema


    In the current era, many products that were previously regarded as medical devices have entered thousands of households and have become thin

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  • Balloon enema

    Balloon enema

    What is it and why do we use a balloon enema? In fact, it is no longer an unspeakable thing to perform an enema in order to clean up the int

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  • Balloon gynecological irrigator

    Balloon gynecological...

    How to use balloon gynecological irrigator comfortably and correctly? In fact, when you look at the product photos, you will find that there

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  • Gynecological irrigator

    Gynecological irrigator

    The full name of this gynecological irrigator in the picture is called "Shu Nv Auto-control Airbag Backflow Prevention Gynecological Irrigat

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  • Bottle-type gynecological irrigator

    Bottle-type gynecolog...

    Under what circumstances should a bottle gynecological irrigator be used? Dear friend, hello, the editor of Qiwei Technology advises you tha

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  • Single pack of plant essence nasal wash saline

    Single pack of plant ...

    Dear friends in front of the screen, do you have any problems with your nose? For example, common minor problems such as nose irritation, it

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  • Various types of gynecological lotion

    Various types of gyne...

    What is gynecological lotion? Various kinds of gynecological lotion are used to wash and care for women's gynecological problems. The ingred

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  • Nasal wash salt (various specifications of nasal wash salt)

    Nasal wash salt (vari...

    This product is a comprehensive display page of various brands of nasal cleansing salt (various specifications of nasal cleansing salt). You

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  • Plant essence nasal wash salt (various specifications of nasal wash salt)

    Plant essence nasal w...

    It is a nasal cleansing salt product produced and distributed by Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Do you know why we need to use nasal

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  • Gynecological lotion gel

    Gynecological lotion gel

    Let me explain to you what kind of gynecological lotion gel is. Gynecological lotion gel is actually a product used for gynecological washin

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