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No squat bidet

No squat bidet

Product Details

If you want to know about the squat-free bidet, please listen to Qi Wei to introduce you. Squat-free bidet is a type of bidet. The bidet is used for our daily cleaning of private parts, cleaning the anus and other parts. It is usually made of plastic material. It is used to place on the toilet seat or a special bidet stool. Above, you can sit on it easily after going to the toilet to clean your body. When you have finished using it, just wash the bidet with water. In Japan, South Korea and some European countries, the bidet is a very popular product, and the locals are accustomed to using it to clean after going to bed. The squat-free bidet provides a convenient way of cleaning for people with limited mobility. For the elderly, the sick or the disabled with hand and feet, they can use it to better clean the body, without squatting on the ground. Squatting can cause blood pressure. Rising, it will bring health risks to the elderly, and our products avoid the possible harm caused by this situation. Frequent use of this product to clean the lower body is conducive to the recovery of hemorrhoids and can also help women reduce the probability of suffering from gynecological inflammation.

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