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Nasal irrigator

Nasal irrigator

Product Details

The nasal washing device product developed and produced by Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd.-Qiwei manual nasal irrigator, is recommended to you by the editor of Qiwei today. This product, Qiwei manual nasal irrigator, has a special The design is called 8-hole ring measuring stereo nozzle. This nozzle is made of human body bionic glue technology. There are 8 holes around the meeting. It uses our patented micro-hole technology. The nozzle is quite soft and has low foreign body feeling. It is very comfortable. The water jet sprayed by this nozzle is a 360-degree three-dimensional water flow, so all aspects of the nasal cavity can be washed, and the top design is non-porous, so it is not easy to choke water, so it is used as a care The equipment is very suitable for your home use.

This product is also equipped with a single-hole DC sprinkler for adults. This kind of sprinkler is stronger and the water flows out faster. It is more suitable for adults, but it may be more stressful for children. We are also equipped with a four-hole decompression nozzle, which is more suitable for children.

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