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Various medical cold compresses

Various medical cold compresses

Product Details

Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides you with all kinds of medical cold compress products. Medical cold compresses are also called medical cold compress masks. They are medical products approved by the State Drug Administration. Compared with ordinary beauty masks, this type of The cold compress mask has excellent skin soothing ability and can play a role in repairing small skin wounds. It can be used to relieve and treat bad skin symptoms (such as allergies, hot, tingling, etc.) after laser cosmetic surgery.

In addition to the healing power, various medical cold compresses can also play the regular functions of general facial masks such as moisturizing and hydrating, and the ingredients contained in it are also more gentle, without any artificial flavors and fragrances, and are gentle on our skin. Irritating, certified by dermatologists.

Qiwei Biotechnology has been selling all kinds of medical cold compress products for a long time. You are welcome to call for more details. If you are interested in purchasing in large quantities, please call us to ask us for a sample of the mask and try it again. We will purchase after confirming the effect.


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