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Medical cold compress mask

Medical cold compress mask

Product Details

Compared with the traditional beauty mask, the medical cold compress mask is not a cosmetic brand product, but a mechanical brand product, that is, a medical-grade cosmetic mask, which is a medical device. After the approval of the State Drug Administration, the medical industry recognizes medical The cold compress mask has a curative effect on skin symptoms. For ladies who love beauty, instead of using a micro-business makeup mask with unknown ingredients and no approval, it is better to use a guaranteed medical cold compress mask.

The medical cold compress removes the functions of general facial mask products such as moisturizing and moisturizing. It can also play a role in skin repair, relieve skin fever and pain after laser surgery, and can also be used as a treatment for skin allergies after sun exposure. The formula is safe and rigorous. It does not contain any fragrances and flavors, does not irritate the skin, and can help repair small wounds on the skin. It is a medical skin care product. It is recognized and tested by experts in the medical industry. The ingredients are reliable and safe, and the skin repair performance is better. The makeup mask is even better.


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