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Various medical masks

Various medical masks

Product Details

Hangzhou Qiwei provides you with a variety of medical facial mask products. In the usual sense, medical facial masks generally refer to medical cold compresses, which are medical beauty equipment approved by the State Food and Drug Administration.

Compared with ordinary facial masks, medical-grade medical cold compresses have a more reliable cosmetic effect on the skin. It can repair tiny wounds on the skin. It can also be used for wound repair and relief of adverse symptoms after medical art. , And can alleviate skin allergies, refine pores, if you feel skin pain after laser surgery, then various medical masks can solve your troubles.

Before you use the medical cold compress, you should take care to remove all the makeup on your face first, so that the completely clean skin can better absorb the ingredients of the mask. You can warm the face with a towel and apply it to open the pores. Then apply the mask slowly from the nose to the entire face and smooth the edges. The entire process of applying the face can last for about ten to twenty minutes.

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