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Bottle enema

Bottle enema

Product Details

Speaking of enema, we must first talk about enema. For most of my friends, enema is still a relatively unfamiliar word. Generally, there are two purposes for enema. The directions of these two purposes are completely different. One is to clean the enema. The other is retention enema. Cleaning is to facilitate our bowel movements, clean the environment inside the intestines, and expel food residues and toxins. The retention enema is generally intestinal administration, and the injected liquid needs to be kept in the intestine for a longer period of time. This is for the body to absorb the medicine and achieve the purpose of treatment.

Before the medical enema, the patient may be nervous. The medical staff should comfort the patient at this time, make the patient relax as much as possible, and relieve their nervousness.

This product is a bottle enema, which can be equipped with single-hole or multi-hole flushing head freely. This product can be reused up to 20 times. It is a non-disposable product, low price, high quality and environmentally friendly. Note that different patients should not use enema products cross-wise to avoid spreading diseases.

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