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Gynecological Gel

Gynecological Gel

Product Details

Gynecological gel mainly refers to the gel type female private health care product used for female private part care. It is also called private antibacterial gel. The main function of this type of gynecological gel product is to inhibit bacteria, moisturize, and maintain ovaries and uterus. , Can achieve the purpose of clearing mud, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory, lubricating and nourishing, shrinking the shade and nourishing the nest. It can be used for postpartum rehabilitation and has a certain conditioning effect on the female body. Female private products can care for the delicate private parts of women and return your private parts to a state of firmness like a girl.

The female private products we distribute have complete qualifications and product filings, and are equipped with a high-quality after-sales service team, focusing on caring for women’s private mood. We welcome all new and old customers of Qiwei to purchase in large quantities. You can call us before purchasing. Product samples, after you try it out and feel that the product can meet your needs, you can negotiate a large number of orders. Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with one-stop intimate service, and look forward to your call!

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