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Liquid-based cell detection kit

Liquid-based cell detection kit

Product Details

This product is called a liquid-based cell test kit, which is a set product for liquid-based cytology inspections for hospitals and other medical systems. The liquid-based cell test kit is used to assist liquid-based cytology inspection items to complete whether the patient’s cervical cells Existence of lesions and cancer detection work, this test is usually one of the cervical cancer screening items, called TCT test in clinical medicine, such as adult women between 21-35 years old and have a history of sexual life, it is generally recommended Do TCT examinations regularly, about once every one to two years. If lesions are found, they should be treated as soon as possible.

The liquid-based cell detection kit can assist medical technology to detect whether the patient's symptoms are serious or not, and has a high detection rate for cervical cancer cells, as well as symptoms such as precancerous lesions and microbial infections. The test kit contains all kinds of consumables required for TCT test items, including disposable pipettes, liquid-based cell preservation solution, and cervical exfoliated cell sampler.

Qiwei has been selling medical and health products related to liquid-based cell detection kits for a long time. If you are interested in ordering, please call for consultation. We provide long-term supplies for major hospitals and pharmacies across the country. The products are safe and reliable and have passed national inspections.

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