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Gynecological irrigator

Gynecological irrigator

Product Details

The full name of this gynecological irrigator in the picture is called "Shu Nv Auto-control Airbag Backflow Prevention Gynecological Irrigator". It is a rinsing product manufactured with medical grade materials. The capacity is large, as much as 700 ml. Irrigation can be easily dealt with. Shunv's automatic irrigator has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of women's gynecological inflammation, itching and other diseases. Liquid medicine can be used for washing care.

Shunv's gynecological irrigator is made of imported materials to make high-elastic airbags. Even after 10,000 presses, it can guarantee that it will not be deformed or lose elasticity. It can control the force of squeezing by itself to cater to its own body Feel.

The flushing head equipped with Shunv's automatic irrigator has its own independent packaging, which avoids the contamination of the flushing head. The medical material is very smooth and will not damage the tender mucosal tissue.

Generally speaking, the duration of the flushing process is about a few minutes. Repeated squeezing allows the liquid to flush the inside of the body. In short, as long as the liquid is used up. This is how Shunv's gynecological irrigator is used. If you want to learn more, or order other brands of gynecological irrigator products, please leave a message and consult us online!

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