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Various types of gynecological lotion

Various types of gynecological lotion

Product Details

What is gynecological lotion? Various kinds of gynecological lotion are used for washing and nursing women's gynecological problems. The ingredients of this product have many Chinese medicine ingredients. You can see our product information, such as cork, coptis Chinese history has often been used as anti-inflammatory and sterilizing medicinal materials, and these drugs are also commonly used for clearing away heat and detoxification. These traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are all extracted, combined with the current high-tech technology-biotechnology, using new technologies such as dynamic warm soaking and spray drying. Has a cleaning and sterilization effect.

How to use various gynecological lotions for washing care?

For friends who are troubled by gynecological inflammation, you can wash it once or twice a day. Put the medicine packet in warm water and soak it for a while. You can take it out in less than half an hour, and then put the soaked liquid into the irrigator Just rinse inside.

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