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Balloon enema

Balloon enema

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What is a balloon enema and why do we use a balloon enema? In fact, performing enema in order to clean up the internal environment of the body is no longer an unspeakable thing, especially for friends with constipation, proper enema is good for our health. When warm water enters the intestines, it can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines. At this time, the old feces accumulated in the body will be softened, and the body will start to exhaust automatically, then it will defecate, and then it will be relaxed.

There is also a friend who needs a preoperative examination, and an enema is also needed. However, sometimes medical staff may be required to provide a medium-to-large enema device for the patient. The balloon enema is not only suitable for household self-cleaning of the intestines, but also It is suitable for hospital use, because its capacity is as high as 700ml, which is enough to meet most preoperative enema needs, and it can also be used for rectal administration.

For ordinary cleaning enema, warm water is sufficient. Before the operation, the enema can be added with a little normal saline. The entire flushing process will end in about five minutes.




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