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Temperature-controlled nasal irrigator

Temperature-controlled nasal irrigator

Product Details

Hangzhou Qiwei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has been selling temperature-controlled nasal irrigators for a long time. Welcome new and old customers to learn more and order products. What is a temperature-controlled nasal irrigator? It belongs to a type of nasal irrigator. It is an electric nasal irrigator driven by electricity. The difference from general electric nasal irrigators is that the temperature-controlled nasal irrigator we distribute has a temperature control function. Yes, that is to say, when you use it to wash your nose, you can use this device to control the water temperature, then you can use warm water close to the body temperature to wash your nose, and use warm water with some nasal cleansing salt to clean it. The irritation to the nasal cavity is very low, almost negligible. You may know that 38 degrees of warm water is basically the same as the internal environment of the human body. Therefore, many internal cleaning of the body will require the use of water temperature of about 38 degrees. Why is the temperature-controlled nasal irrigator more suitable for us to use as a nasal cleansing product, because its water is more suitable for the human environment, and we will feel more comfortable.

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