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Balloon gynecological irrigator

Balloon gynecological irrigator

Product Details

How to use balloon gynecological irrigator comfortably and correctly? In fact, when you look at the product photos, you will find that there is no difference between the shape of the balloon gynecological irrigator and the enema, and the two can be substituted for each other, so its use is similar to the enema.

If you use the balloon gynecological irrigator normally, it is recommended that you adopt a squatting position, hold the balloon gynecological irrigator with one hand and tilt it slightly, facing a private position. At this time, use the other hand to help find the accurate position. , Put the flushing head in, and then pinch the airbag to allow the liquid inside to enter the body. After the liquid is squeezed out, quickly withdraw from the body. This is to prevent the liquid from flowing back into the irrigator and contaminating the irrigator. Repeat the previous process and use up the liquid in the balloon gynecological irrigator.

The balloon-type gynecological irrigator is very suitable for household use. It has eight spray holes and can rinse without dead ends. The capacity is also relatively large, with 300 ml, which is enough to rinse private parts. The material is soft and will not harm our body. If you are interested in ordering a balloon gynecological irrigator, please call us.

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