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Gynecological lotion gel

Gynecological lotion gel

Product Details

Let me explain to you what kind of gynecological lotion gel is. Gynecological lotion gel is actually a product used for gynecological washing. It can be used with various gynecological irrigators sold by our company to relieve symptoms such as itching and inflammation in the private parts. The editor recommends that you use it as directed by your doctor.

Gynecological lotion gel has the difference between Chinese and Western medicine. Chinese medicine lotion and Western medicine lotion are different. For example, this lotion in the picture does not contain synthetic chemical components, which is not much on the market. Competitive products of the same type, in which the Chinese medicinal materials used are all medicinal materials used in traditional Chinese medicine for anti-inflammatory and sterilization. The effect is very good. Combined with the current new technology, the purity is high and there is no poison.

Qiwei is also recruiting agent channels for joining. You need to have certain customer resources in the gynecological market. The company’s sales network is relatively mature and has working capital. For details, please see the following joining requirements pictures, or click on our joining investment page Go to check.

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