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Chinese medicine nasal spray

Chinese medicine nasal spray

Product Details

When we use nasal irrigator to clean the nasal cavity, Chinese medicine nasal cavity spray is a product that is very suitable for use with nasal washing device. It is a kind of nasal cavity lotion. We can use Chinese medicine nasal cavity spray to go deeper , Deeply clean the environment inside our nasal cavity, take away the dirt and the dirt that accumulates normally, and maintain our nasal passage with a gentle effect, which can relieve the symptoms of rhinitis patients and allow us to breathe more comfortably and smoothly.

The ingredient list of Chinese medicine nasal spray products does not contain synthetic chemical components. It is extracted from pure plant Chinese medicine, and is compatible and manufactured. Therefore, some people who are more sensitive to chemical components can also use this under the guidance of a doctor. Type of product, it is more mild and harmless in comparison. For specific ingredients, you can see the formula on the product picture. Welcome to contact us for more in-depth and detailed consultation. We can provide product samples for customers and friends who are interested in bulk ordering. For you to try.


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