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Bottle-type gynecological irrigator

Bottle-type gynecological irrigator

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Under what circumstances should a bottle gynecological irrigator be used? Dear friend, hello, the editor of Qiwei Technology advises you that you can go to the hospital for a check first and listen to the opinions of professional gynecologists. Do you need to rinse, if not necessary, you can not For rinsing, when the doctor says it is necessary, you can use the bottle-type gynecological irrigator for rinsing care. For friends who are not troubled by inflammation, the editor recommends that you usually wash your vulva with clean water, and vaginal administration is recommended under the guidance of a doctor.

In short, products such as bottle-type gynecological irrigators are generally used when suffering from gynecological inflammation. They are a way to clean our body. If you don’t have this trouble, Its not mandatory.

It is generally recommended that you take a squatting position when using this type of product, tilt the product to fit your body angle, and send it into the body for washing. It is still very convenient to use, and clean it after use to avoid contamination. .

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