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Introduction to saliva collector

What is a saliva collector? In fact, this kind of product is also called oral swab or disinfectant swab. It feels strange to me, but it is actually a very common thing. The saliva sampling process is painless and does not harm the human body, so it is also a very widely used method of collecting genetic samples.

The saliva collector is combined with cryopreservation technology, which is easy to take and can be collected by tearing off the package. The interior is pre-filled and equipped with a simple spiral funnel. This structure can make saliva directly enter the buffer and avoid backflow In this case, the saliva sample can be stored stably and properly. As for how much saliva is needed, it is usually written on the product, usually in the form of a few milliliters.

The editor of Qi Wei will tell you how to use a saliva collector to collect genetic samples.

In the first step, we need to align the oval collection port of the saliva collector, open the mouth, and gently spit the saliva secreted into the oral cavity. When we proceed to collect saliva, it is recommended to move lightly and it is best not to spit too much foam.

Secondly, the second step is to collect saliva until the layered interface between the saliva in the collection tube and the upper foam reaches the scale mark on the container, such as 3ml, 2ml, etc.

The third step is to evenly buckle the cover of the collector with the preservation solution onto the oval collection opening. When it is buckled, it will usually be accompanied by a slight clicking sound. At the same time, the preservation solution evenly flows into the collection tube, indicating that the lid has been fastened. otherwise. Need to gently open the cover of the collector. Then buckle evenly again. Until the preservation solution evenly flows into the collection tube.

The fourth step is to gently shake the saliva collector. Make the preservation solution flow more completely into the collection tube.

The fifth step is to confirm that the layered interface between the liquid in the collection tube and the upper foam reaches the scale marked on the container.

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