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Basic use of nasal lotion

Do you know the usefulness of nasal lotion? For friends suffering from rhinitis, nose allergies and other symptoms, nasal cavity lotion may not be unfamiliar. It is used in conjunction with nasal irrigator to clean our nasal cavity, keep our nasal cavity clean and fresh, and relieve the impact of discomfort on us. Agent.

The ingredients of a general nasal lotion may mainly include physiological saline—that is, water plus 0.9% sodium chloride. This is a western medicine lotion, because sodium chloride is the salt we often eat, so It is mild and harmless. The characteristic of this lotion is that its concentration is the same as that of the cell fluid and blood in our human body. Therefore, for the human body, this lotion is quite friendly and mild. The use of these products generally does not cause allergies, so the comfort of washing is still very good.

There is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine as the main ingredient. This lotion often has the effect of reducing swelling and removing fire. For example, Qiwei distributes a product called Yibang Nasal Lotion. Its ingredient is fishy. Herbs, Pueraria lobata, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Huang Cen are the main ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine nasal lotion. You can freely choose this type of product that suits you according to your needs and the professional advice of your doctor.

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