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Can you use an enema

Today, the editor of Qi Wei is going to ask a question that sounds a little shame-can you use an enema?

For many friends, the words enema are quite far away from them, but those who may have hemorrhoids are more familiar with it. To use this tool correctly, we should take a look at how it is used:

First, clean the equipment, and then add warm water. The closer to 37 degrees, the more suitable it is for us. Generally, there is no need to add anything for ordinary intestinal cleansing. If you are doing preoperative cleaning, you can add 0.5g of salt as needed. To improve permeability.

For medium and large medical equipment, when the product is filled with enema fluid, it can be hung up, and then the air inside is discharged. If it is a small household device, there is no need to do anything else, squat down and find a good location. Just put oil paper on it.

Then coat the front end of the tube with lubricant. At this time, you can start to pour water into the intestines. The whole process takes about a few minutes. It doesn't matter if you adjust it according to your needs. If you need it, you can do it twice, it doesn't matter. After filling, you can massage your belly, massage clockwise around your belly button for a few minutes, and then go to the toilet. While going to the toilet, we can continue to massage our stomachs to help defecate.

After this set of procedures is completed, we can drink a glass of fruit and vegetable juice, which can replenish the body's moisture, but also achieve the purpose of balancing electrolytes, and can reduce the short-term discomfort after the body is invaded by foreign bodies, or drink a little yogurt Yes.

After the whole process is over, don’t forget to clean the equipment thoroughly. The parts in contact with the body must be washed and disinfected with soap. The airbag or water bag can be disinfected with alcohol, and then keep the equipment dry and clean before it can be reused. .

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