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Do you know the source of the enema

You may not know that enema therapy is not available today. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing’s Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases had already written such a passage-"Yangming disease, spontaneous sweating... It is necessary to have a bowel movement on your own. This passage is a historical proof that the enema therapy has a traceable history. It means that the medicine is grouped into pills and stuffed into the rectum from the anus. Unblock the stool, make you defecate. There is another paragraph in the book that reads: "A big pig gall, a little bit of juice and vinegar, to irrigate the valley, like a hectare, when defecate, it is very effective for eating evil things." What is irrigating the valley, actually means Enema, Zhang Zhongjing's record is like this: "Take a small bamboo tube... into the valley." It means to use a small bamboo tube for enema. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the famous alchemist Ge Hong also wrote in the "Elbow Reserve Emergency Prescription", "...the stool is blocked, the root of the soil melon is pounded, and the tube is blown into the anus to get through." He also used a tube to blow into the intestine Qi, enema, these are all early rectal medications. It is admirable to have to admire the wisdom of the ancestors. But now we don’t have to make the enema so indecent. It can be done with the help of an enema. It can be done by one person in the toilet, without the need for others to blow the air. It was too embarrassing to think about that scene...

For the current enema, if it is self-care and cleaning at home, you can just squat in the toilet with a mini enema. Generally, this product is in the form of an airbag + tube. Fill it with warm water and press the airbag The flushing activity can be carried out, the operation is very simple, and the cleaning is also very convenient.


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