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How to choose a squat-free bathtub

How to choose a squat-free bidet that suits you? Friends who want to buy such products may be interested in this issue. The editor of Qi Wei will explain to you that the reason why you want to buy a squat-free bidet is because it can keep our lower body clean and avoid illness, especially for patients with hemorrhoids, the squat-free bidet is theirs The good news is that cleaning with it can relieve the symptoms of pain, but also make the wound heal faster after surgery and avoid infection. Pregnant women using this product can also reduce the frequency of hemorrhoids, which is good for the fetus.

So how to choose a basin that suits you?

First look at the material. It is not recommended that you buy a bidet made of inferior plastic. Not to mention that it will age and may release harmful substances. It is recommended that you choose products made of ABS engineering plastics, which can withstand high temperatures and pressures and are of good quality.

If you are relatively young, you may be more concerned about factors such as aesthetics and novel design. You can choose the appearance style you like.

If you are an elderly person, because of insufficient physical strength, try to avoid the need for frequent water changes and clean equipment, so you need a bidet with a constant temperature function, and other functions can be as simple as possible.

Then we have to look at the quality of the product, not only whether the product has a certificate of inspection, but also whether the after-sale system is complete, whether there is customer service, etc., these are also very important, we must choose products produced by regular enterprises , Sanwu Xiaofang's products should be bypassed, so as to avoid the inability to repair after quality problems, or the dangers caused by the failure of the wire material.

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