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Precautions for using nasal lotion

After sinusitis or some nasal surgery, in the subsequent maintenance stage, proper nasal irrigation is beneficial to exfoliation of dry scab, and can improve the blood circulation of this part, promote the recovery of cilia, and make edema. Relieving and relieving, it also allows the nasal cavity to be fully ventilated to expel waste secretions, thus greatly shortening the recovery time originally required after surgery. According to the doctor, nasal cavity irrigation can be started one week after the operation, doubling 2-3 times a day, and this process can last for 1 to 3 months.

The following editor will tell you the specific process of nasal cavity irrigation.

(1) Nasal cavity lotion

Now generally speaking, hospitals generally provide professional nasal lotion to prevent patients from adjusting the concentration by themselves. Use 0.9% normal saline to warm to about 37 degrees. It is the most gentle and best recommended. It is similar to the tears in the eye sockets, and basically no foreign body sensation is felt, so it is not easy to choke.

(2) Nasal irrigator

1. If this type of equipment is electric, there are generally 3-5 gears, which can be adjusted from weak to strong according to your own needs. At the beginning, you must first adjust to the weakest gear to prevent the high-end water from rushing in and causing choking. . If it is manual, control the squeezing force yourself.

2. When rinsing, you can put your head above the sink. The nozzle of the irrigator is recommended to be tilted forward by 30°, and the nozzle is recommended to be close to the nostril. It is recommended that the angle of the nozzle be adjusted slightly to avoid flushing the liquid vertically upward along the nostril.

3. Open your mouth and breathe through your mouth. Close the nasal congestion mouth and wait for the nostril to be washed, and use your index finger to block the air hole on the upper cover. Hold the hand of the bottle, squeeze the bottle, and start to rinse the nasal cavity. The cleaning fluid flows into the nasal cavity from one nostril, and flows out from the other nostril or mouth after the nasal cavity is rinsed.

4. When the water flow into the nasal cavity becomes weak, the index finger leaves the air inlet of the upper cover for ventilation, the hand holding the bottle body relaxes, the bottle body elastically returns to its original position, and then repeats the above steps to continue cleaning.


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