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What is the usual concentration of nasal wash

Friends who are troubled by rhinitis, do you know what proportion of the concentration should be controlled when you mix nasal cleansing salt?

Qiwei Biotechnology can tell you this question. Please remember that when you prepare saline by yourself, the proportion of saline is a fixed value, which is 0.9%. If nasal congestion occurs, the proportion of salt can be slightly higher, but when our nose is relatively dry , Do not use high concentration salt water.

If you are not confident about your own preparation and are afraid that the ratio is not good, Qiwei recommends that you can choose a professional nasal lotion, or saline for injection, to ensure its cleanliness, and you don’t have to worry about it. It is scientifically verified , 0.9% normal saline is just suitable for nasal cilia swinging. Normal swinging is one of the keys to detecting the health of nasal function. If the saline is too thick, it will have a negative impact on the nasal cilia swinging.

Also, when we prepare our own saline, we can use 500ml of boiling water+4.5g of salt, which is just 0.9% of saline, but it should be noted that the salt at home is usually iodized, so It is recommended not to use it, because the nasal cavity absorbs iodine very strongly, which is almost equivalent to intramuscular injection, so it is not recommended to use iodized salt because it is difficult to grasp this degree.

In addition, when we dispense water, we can use warm water to dispense, because cold water may irritate the nasal cavity, and 30-40 degrees of warm water is very comfortable to wash, it is the temperature suitable for our human body, this temperature is used by us It’s good to test your skin. It doesn’t feel hot to the touch. Rinse with warm water to avoid aggravation of symptoms in friends who are sensitive to temperature.

And the editor recommends that you use a special nasal irrigator, which is better with nasal washing salt. There is not much to talk about in this regard, just choose the model that suits you.


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