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How to use the genetic test sampling kit

Friends who need DNA testing, or friends who need to order related products, do you know how to use genetic testing sampling kits?

Xiaobian will introduce to you. First of all, the first step in using the genetic testing sampling box is to open the package and find the swab inside, which is usually a sealed package. We unpack the swab, usually leaving a tear, and tear it down along the mouth. That's it.

Then, the end of the sampling crown with the genetic testing sampling box is extended into the inner wall of one side of the oral cavity, and the inner wall of the oral cavity is scraped with the sampling crown, up and down, to enlarge the scraping area as much as possible. Made of medical non-woven material with friction coefficient, it can suck the oral mucosal epithelial exfoliated cells and part of the saliva on the surface of the sampling crown. Push the crown into the sampling tube and tighten the sampling tube cover. Another sampling swab was used to scrape the inner wall of the opposite oral cavity, and the procedure was the same as above.

Collection process of genetic testing sampling kit (generally by the staff of the institution):

1. Check the name and test items of the subject, and ask if they have severe oral ulcers or bronchitis. If they suffer, it is not recommended to collect oral swab samples.

2. Ask the subject to gargle three times with clean water and wait patiently for 30 minutes after oral cleaning. During this period, it is recommended that you do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

3. While waiting, the examinee removes the plastic packaging in person, opens the sampling box, and submits the genetic test introduction, product classification instructions, specimen collection instructions and other information to the examinee’s parents, and check whether the collection kit is in good condition. If it is damaged, please Replace the collection kit.

4. Paste the barcode on the genetic test storage card, the health information collection form, two specimen test tubes and the return box, and hand the barcoded storage card to the parent of the examinee for storage for future report and query.

5. Ask the subject’s parents to help the subject fill out the health information collection form, use block letters to fill in truthfully, completely, and sign.

6. Genetic testing sampling box sampling swab collection link.

7. Put the collected two specimen test tubes and the health information collection sheet back into the sample return box and fix them with foam. Finally, fill in the name on the return box and the outer packing box.

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