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Medical cold compress manufacturers say: there are tricks for facial spots

There is a knack for blemishes on the face. The manufacturer of medical cold compresses will tell you some tips for daily blemishes today!

Tip 1: White vinegar cleans the face, whitens and removes spots

Washing the face with white vinegar can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, repair the skin's luster and elasticity, soften the stratum corneum, and have the function of sterilization. More importantly, white vinegar can also whiten and remove spots.

Method: Press with white vinegar and glycerin5:1Mix in the proportions, stir evenly, often rub the skin, one day2-3Times.

Efficacy: It can moisturize the skin and reduce the deposition of melanin. After one month, the skin will be delicate, white and tender, clean, smooth, elastic, and full of whitening.

Tip 2: Spinach oral and external application for whitening and freckle

practice:1, Wash an appropriate amount of fresh spinach, mash it, take out the juice, and apply it to the face after washing.

2, After cooking an appropriate amount of fresh spinach, clean the face with boiled water, which can clean the skin, dispel freckles and wrinkles, while the boiled spinach can be eaten and has a good emollient effect.

Tip 3: Rose Blemish Mask

Applicable people: This group of formula has the effects of activating blood and removing spots, whitening and nourishing. It is suitable for activating and whitening, skin care and maintenance of various skin types. It is suitable for all seasons, especially suitable for dull, melasma (dermatology) skin. .

Ingredients: white tuckahoe, mung bean, peach kernel, Angelica, Angelica dahurica, Bletilla striata each equal amount, rose essential oil4Drop, appropriate amount of rose water.

Method: put the above6Kinds of Chinese medicine powder60G, mixed and bottled for later use, and then take the mixed Chinese medicine powder in the bottle1Spoon, put it in a bowl, add proper amount of rose water and mix thoroughly, then add rose essential oil3Drop and mix well.

Usage: Use a small brush to apply the homemade mask evenly on the face, wash off after half an hour, weekly3Times.

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