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How to use virus sampling tube

How to use virus sampling tube correctly? Qiwei Biotechnology will answer for you.

The first step we need to do is to write the basic information of the items to be sampled on the label before virus sampling, so as not to be confused with other sampling tubes.

Because the experiment we are going to do has different purposes and the parts that need to be sampled, we should take cotton swabs to sample the corresponding parts according to this difference. After the sampling is completed, immediately put the swab into the virus sampling tube and tighten it, and then the sample can be sent to the laboratory.

So what are the differences in sampling work for different body parts?

If you want to collect DNA and viruses in the nasal cavity, you need to gently insert the tip of the swab into the nostril and wipe it. To collect the information in the two nostrils, two swabs are used, and then they are placed in the virus sampling tube for storage.

If you want to sample the throat area, the swab head should be used to penetrate the preservation solution after the sample is collected.

So, when the sampling work is completed, how to ensure that the samples are delivered to the laboratory in good condition?

The editor of Qi Wei reminds you that, generally, the samples after we have finished sampling can be stored at room temperature, but they should be submitted for inspection within 5 days as much as possible. If the storage time is too long, the DNA may lose activity, which is not conducive Detection.

In addition, the virus sampling tube is suitable for in vitro diagnosis and should be operated by professionally trained staff. Staff should wear masks and gloves when sampling to ensure that their DNA information will not contaminate the samples.

Obsolete samples need to be disinfected. In addition, if the preservation solution in the sample has expired, do not use it. If the packaging of the cotton swab is damaged, it should not be used again.

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