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Invention of Nasal Salt

For us Chinese, there is an old saying that everyone knows, that is, "Illness comes from the mouth." As the saying goes, "You can talk nonsense, and you can't eat rice." It means that the mouth is right. Our importance, if this check is not good, foreign enemies will invade our immune system and bring us diseases.

However, the times are different now. After entering the industrial society, there are all kinds of pollution in the environment where we live. Many friends have poor respiratory function, so they are recruited, all kinds of rhinitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, All kinds of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia have come, and when the weather is bad, or when the spirit is nervous, they will happen again and again, which is very annoying. So now we have to change the word, not only "sickness enters from the mouth", but also "sickness enters from the nose", because this is our true life state now, and we face this fact every day.

After understanding the relationship between food and disease, the Chinese people have been advocating a series of measures such as cooked food and washing hands before meals to resist external damage to the gastrointestinal and digestive system, and it has long become a well-known custom in our country, so we can What do you do to maintain the nasal cavity?

In fact, friends who have experienced rhinitis may already know that the industry has long used nasal washing to maintain nasal cavity. Based on this, nasal irrigator, nasal lotion and other products have been launched, which can be used together. To maintain the health of our nasal cavity. In fact, in the early days of Taoism in our country, there was a method of washing the nose and practicing qi to strengthen the body. However, it is an otolaryngologist named Growson in the United States who really spread the measure of nasal washing to the world. This professor also invented nasal washing salt and won the Outstanding Invention Award of Time Magazine. The usage of these products is to squeeze the nasal cavity irrigator, send the nasal cavity lotion into the nasal cavity for repeated washing, and expel foreign bodies to make the nasal cavity normal to achieve the purpose of maintenance.

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