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What is a liquid dressing

When we are injured, besides doing basic wound cleaning and applying band-aids, what else can we do to make the wound heal earlier? In fact, we can also use liquid dressings for wound care. Appropriate liquid dressings are very helpful for wound recovery. It can speed up wound healing, reduce our pain, and prevent inflammation and infection. .

Today we will briefly introduce the dressing. do you know? The 2 words for dressings we are talking about here actually include particularly common gauze. Of course, gauze is a solid, not liquid dressing. We are all familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of gauze. It is easy to obtain, cheap, and usually cotton. It can be used on basically any wound, but it needs to be replaced frequently, which increases the cost of use. Moreover, the gauze is easy to stick to the wound. When it is torn off, it is often bloody. Sometimes it is necessary Used together with other dressings, it does not help the healing of wet wounds.

What we call liquid dressings, the more common materials are hydrocolloids and hydrogels. These types of dressings are conducive to the penetration and absorption of the wound. The medicinal properties inside can have a direct effect on the wound, exert medicinal effects, and can also make the wound dressing. A layer of medicinal solution film protects the wound, isolates bacteria, and prevents the wound from being contaminated. Hydrogels are more suitable for debridement, while hydrocolloids are more suitable for burns, pressure sores and venous ulcers. If you are interested in learning more, welcome to call the reserved phone number on the website to communicate with us in detail. We are willing to help you understand. If you need to order products, you can also call or leave a message online. Thank you for reading!

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