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Do you understand the magic of medical cold compresses?

Medical cold compresses refer to the very popular medical facial masks, which are classified as a kind of medical skin care products in the category of cosmeceuticals.

Why can medical cold compresses capture everyone's hearts? These characteristics stem from it:

1, Aseptic production

Medical facial masks are produced aseptically, covering purification production workshops and medical-grade raw materials, etc., and can be directly used on skin wounds. And our common daily skin care products are not so strict in all aspects of craftsmanship.

2, Safe and gentle

GG quot;Mechanical font maskGG quot;Used to assist in the treatment of fragile, sensitive, inflammatory and traumatic skin. Therefore, not only the raw materials have been strictly screened, but the safety and effectiveness of the products have been tested and clinically verified.

3, Clear efficacy and strong pertinence

AType medical cold compress can be used to maintain moisture, improve skin dehydration symptoms, and maintain skin elasticity.

BType medical cold compress can be used for skin allergy, acne, cold compress treatment after cosmetic surgery. Helps relieve allergic symptoms and repair and treat wounds.

CType medical cold compress can be used for skin cold compress physical therapy. Used for facial skin cold compress physiotherapy, inhibit facial skin melanin deposition, reduce dark spots, whiten, lighten spots, brighten skin, and restore healthy skin tone.

How to use medical cold compress:

Tear the packaging bag along the notch, take out the product, unfold the product and apply it to the skin, press lightly to make the non-woven fabric close to the skin, and the application time does not exceed each time40Minutes, daily care every day1Tablets, every day if the skin is damaged2-3Times.

Precautions for use:

1.This product is for external use only. Please do not get it into your eyes. If you get it into your eyes, please wash with water.

2.If there is discomfort or occasional skin redness or itching during use, it is classified as a normal physiological reaction, and it will disappear after stopping. In severe cases, consult a doctor.

3.This product is a disposable product and cannot be used twice.

4.Please keep this product out of reach of children.