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What is ear canal spray dressing

Dear customers and friends, do you know what kind of ear canal spray dressing is?

First of all, we can understand from the name of this product, first, it is a liquid dressing, and second, it is a product that acts on the ear canal, so in combination, it is a liquid dressing applied to the external auditory canal for maintenance Our ear canal sanitation products have a certain effect on external otitis. Its functions include sterilization and anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling, keeping the ear canal dry, which is equivalent to putting a protective layer on our ear canal.

So in general, which customers are suitable for using ear canal spray dressings?

The user group recommended by Qiwei editor to use this product includes the following:

1. People suffering from otitis externa, this kind of ear disease is a high-incidence ear disease, it is a very common small problem, but the ear canal will be blocked and swollen during the onset, and in severe cases it will even cause hearing loss, and the inflamed area will still Suppuration, breakage.

Second, accidental accumulation of water in the external auditory canal. For example, if you have water in your ears while swimming or bathing, the environment of the ear canal is relatively fragile at this time. If the water entering is not clean, infection is likely to occur.

3. For patients suffering from cerumen embolism, some data in recent years show that the incidence of cerumen embolism is not low, about 1.4%, and almost all of them are children. This disease can cause hearing loss and also Can cause otitis.

Fourth, there are small wounds in the ear canal. For example, after minor operations, liquid dressings can be used to heal the wounds and avoid inflammation.

The above are the people who are suitable for ear canal spray dressings. Dear friends, I don’t know if you meet the requirements. Do you need this product? If you are interested in ordering, you can call or leave a message to get in touch with us, we will answer your questions sincerely!

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