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Learn about gynecological gel

What is gynecological gel? What happens if I use gynecological gel? Will there be bad consequences?

Professional doctors will answer for you. Generally speaking, gynecological gel is antibacterial and belongs to vaginal administration. It is a medicine used to treat gynecological inflammation and usually has no harm. However, the use of medications varies from person to person. Very few women may experience lower body bleeding, allergies, and menstrual disorders after using these drugs. If this happens, please do not use them. If you need useful medicines, you must follow your doctor’s advice and listen to your doctor’s advice to choose medicines that suit you.

At present, most of the gynecological gels on the market are traditional Chinese medicine preparations, which have a good therapeutic effect on bacteria, fungal sex and trichomonas vaginitis. It is a kind of external medicine. It is used after washing the vulva with water every night. Take some gel out and send it into the vagina. The duration of a course of treatment is generally 7-10 days. It should be determined according to the drug instructions. If a course of treatment is not effective, then it is recommended that you go to a regular hospital .

As long as the gynecological gel is used in accordance with the requirements of the instructions and in accordance with the relevant rules, there is generally no harm. Its role is to treat and maintain some gynecological diseases. Experts recommend that you pay attention to your personal hygiene habits while using gynecological gel, and recommend that you change your underwear frequently, do not have the same room during the treatment, and take more baths. In terms of diet, experts recommend that you avoid eating spicy pungent foods, as well as cold foods, and some extra-greasy foods. It is recommended to strengthen daily physical activities, exercise more, improve one's immunity, resistance, so that the body's metabolic system is taken care of, in a better state, and sex life should be as healthy as possible. It is best to avoid arbitrarily using drugs that you do not understand, so as not to cause uncomfortable consequences to yourself, and follow the doctor's advice as much as possible. If you have any conditions, consult a professional doctor in time.

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