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Some introductions about gynecological gel

Xiaobian Qi Wei will give you a little introduction about gynecological gel. In fact, it’s not that shy to say it. Gynecological gel can also be regarded as a friend of women. It is a very commonly used drug in clinical gynecology. It can help patients expel inflammatory secretions and some toxins from the body, and it also treats dead cells It has a certain repairing effect and can clean the vagina to a certain extent. It is a regular medicine and is used more in patients with gynecological inflammation. However, the editor still recommends that you use it under the guidance of a professional doctor, and a course of treatment After that, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for a review and diagnosis of the disease in time to see if there are signs of improvement or if there are other changes.

Generally, the common gels in gynecology include traditional Chinese medicine, metronidazole, and diazotide. Depending on the type, the corresponding inflammation that can produce curative effects is also different, such as trichomonal and bacterial inflammation. Nitazole gel is used more, and because of the abnormal leucorrhea caused by cervical erosion, when it is suspected to be cervical inflammation, it is usually administered with Baofukang gel, and for the inflammation of miscellaneous bacteria, you can consider using double Zoltai, a traditional Chinese medicine gynecological gel can be used for various types of gynecological inflammation.

If distinguished from the use, then the gynecological gel can be divided into two types:

A kind of hormone, this kind of gel is usually used to relieve senile vaginitis after menopause, or vaginal mucosal atrophy caused by the patient's low estrogen level, such as some symptoms such as estrogen guide suppository It is a very common medication.

The other type is anti-inflammatory gel. Vaginitis caused by various pathogenic bacteria uses this type of gynecological gel.

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