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Various types of immunity sampling boxes

Various types of immunity sampling boxes

Product Details

Nowadays, the threshold of gene sequencing is gradually decreasing, and ordinary people also have the need for genetic testing. However, genetic sampling sounds like troublesome and confusing. The various types of immune sampling boxes provided by Hangzhou Qiwei can be used for you. Solve this problem easily. The various types of immune sampling kits distributed by our company contain a series of commonly used consumables for sampling, including swabs, saliva collectors, DNA collection cards, etc., to help you easily complete genetic sampling. mouth

Cavity swabs can be used to collect oral epithelial cells and nasal secretions.

The saliva collector spits saliva into it. Collecting 1ml of saliva is enough for testing.

The DNA collection card is used to collect the blood, sweat, semen and other body fluids of the subject. The collection can be completed by applying the body fluid on the collection card.

The various types of immunity sampling kit products provided by our company are suitable for any object, whether it is an adult child or even a pet at home, a large amount of saliva is secreted every day, and the saliva contains oral mucosal cells, so this collection method is It is completely non-invasive and painless and can be done easily.


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