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Hemorrhoids bidet

Hemorrhoids bidet

Product Details

Hangzhou Qiwei provides you with hemorrhoid bidet products produced by major brands. Our hemorrhoid bidet has a squat-free design, which allows you to easily save effort when cleaning the anus and avoid the trouble of long squatting and pressing your legs and feet.

This kind of hemorrhoids bidet can be placed on the toilet very easily. Because of the flexibility of the product and the large structure on the lower part, it can be applied to toilets of various specifications. It is very convenient to sit on it and take a bath. The hand extends from the front to the vulva and anus. The anal bidet is made of imported medical grade polymer materials, which are healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic; the material is thick and reliable, has a long service life, high temperature resistance, can withstand boiling water without volatile harmful substances, and can be used for more than ten years.

Compared with the ordinary bidet, the hemorrhoid bidet provided by our company is more suitable for bathing with Chinese medicine, which can comfortably soak the diseased part, and only need 3-500ml of liquid medicine to soak, avoiding waste of medicine. The caliber of the product is suitable for all kinds of people, and it can be used for both fat and thin.

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