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Lexi manual nasal irrigator

Lexi manual nasal irrigator

Product Details

Dear friend, why does Qiwei recommend you to choose Lexi manual nasal irrigator? The Lexi manual nasal irrigator is sold in major hospitals and pharmacies. It is a nursing device that meets medical standards. It can be said to be a boon for patients with rhinitis. Even if the nose is very uncomfortable, use the Lexi manual nasal irrigator to rinse After that, life will feel refreshed and a lot easier. Many patients with rhinitis like the Lexi manual nasal irrigator, which can help patients relieve a series of problems such as runny nose, nasal congestion, and poor breathing.

So how to use Lexi manual nasal irrigator? First, we can add 300-500ml of warm water or nasal wash, and then aim the spray hole at one side of the nasal cavity, and press the bottle body to let the water flow into the nasal cavity to rinse. The product features of Lexi manual nasal irrigator will tell you a little bit about it. One is that it is equipped with 3 irrigating heads, which can be used by adults and children, and its irrigating tube has been lengthened by 1 cm, which can be easily used by patients wearing glasses .

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