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Sea water nasal spray

Sea water nasal spray

Product Details

What are the characteristics of the seawater nasal irrigator product, which makes it different from other products? Now Hangzhou Qiwei as a distributor will tell you about it. The seawater nasal spray is a fine moisture spray care device. Its characteristic is that it can produce ultra-fine moisture spray. The structure of this spray can quickly penetrate into the nasal cavity, which can instantly alleviate the state of nasal water shortage and relieve the dryness of the nasal cavity The uncomfortable feeling makes the user feel comfortable and moisturized, and it will not be dry when breathing. This is the characteristic of the seawater nasal spray, which can help us easily solve the dry, bleeding and itchy nose.

Seawater nasal spray can be said to be a must-have product for patients with rhinitis. It can not only moisturize the nasal cavity and relieve dryness. It can solve all kinds of problems in a small bottle, and it can be used repeatedly instead of disposable , It is environmentally friendly, and its appearance is very delicate and cute, and it is very convenient to carry.


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