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Lexi electric toothbrush

Lexi electric toothbrush

Product Details

In order to protect oral health, everyone generally buys more and more new products to protect our teeth. Lexi electric dental flusher is one of these products. What is its function? Let us take a look together.

The Lexi electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning the mouth. It is similar to an electric toothbrush in this regard, but it is more powerful and deeper than an electric toothbrush. For example, when our electric toothbrush encounters bleeding and swelling and pain in the gums In fact, it does not protect our oral mucosa very well and cannot improve symptoms. This has a lot to do with the inability to clean the oral cavity thoroughly. The Lexi electric tooth flusher uses the method of spraying water jets to clean the gaps in the oral cavity. Whether it is the gaps between the teeth or some more hidden corners, you can rush to it. After the flushing, there will be no residue in the mouth. Refreshing.

Some friends wear braces for the purpose of trimming their teeth and make their teeth more beautiful. These friends are especially suitable for using the Lexi electric dental flusher, because the toothbrush is difficult to brush into the gaps between the braces, but the water column can rush into those gully. If you wear braces If you don’t do a good job of cleaning, there will be many hidden dangers, so I highly recommend that you buy a Lexi electric dental flusher.

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