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Yibang nasal irrigator (canned)

Yibang nasal irrigator (canned)

Product Details

What is the product structure of Yibang nasal irrigator (canned)? The following editor Qi Wei will describe to you. The product structure of the Ibang nasal irrigator (canned) includes an airbag. This airbag has two interfaces. The two interfaces are connected to two hoses and one hose is used. It is stuffed into the nostril for flushing, and another hose is connected to the lotion or saline in the measuring cup, and the nasal cavity is flushed by squeezing the airbag. This is the structure of the Yibang nasal irrigator (canned) product. This product can relieve the symptoms and discomfort of patients with rhinitis. You can use it with nasal wash or nasal wash to make the environment of the nasal cavity cleaner and make the body feel more comfortable. It is a must-have product for patients with rhinitis.

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