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Yibang multifunctional nasal irrigator

Yibang multifunctional nasal irrigator

Product Details

Friends, are you also suffering from rhinitis? Do you feel blockage, discomfort, itching, and runny nose in the nasal cavity every time the weather changes? The editor of Qi Wei will introduce to you this product called Yibang Multifunctional Nasal Irrigator. This product is a nasal irrigator (also called nasal washing device). Its function is to help patients with rhinitis. Or friends who have other nasal problems relieve the symptoms of discomfort. This multifunctional nasal irrigator is divided into two types, single-pack and suit. What is the difference between these two classifications? The editor will give you an answer right away. The single-pack product only contains a nasal irrigator, and the kit product also contains a nasal wash. Different specifications of the kit contain different amounts of nasal wash, regardless of whether it is a single pack or a set. , All have their own suitable nozzles. The enhanced version is equipped with a total of four nozzles. Adults and children have suitable nozzles. Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sincerely recommends that you buy this version. Children at home have uncomfortable noses. You can also wash it once you have finished, without buying other sizes separately.

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