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Balloon check valve

Balloon check valve

Product Details

What is a balloon check valve? Qi Wei introduces this product to you. Balloon one-way valves are a type of medical consumables. They are mostly used in manual nasal irrigators, gynecological irrigators and enemas. They are used as accessories for these products. The balloon is used to complete the extrusion. Pressure flushing to control the effect of the flushing device.

The balloon check valve is a balloon that contains a one-way valve. If the balloon does not contain a one-way valve, the liquid will easily flow back into the irrigator during our flushing process, causing pollution to the irrigator and getting dirty. Water enters our body again, bringing hidden dangers to health. Not only does it fail to clean the body, it also brings more dirt. The balloon containing a one-way valve can prevent dirty water from flowing back into the irrigator. After the water flow is squeezed out of the irrigator, the one-way valve will automatically act to prevent outside water from being poured into the irrigator and prevent dirty water from affecting the irrigator. This is the function of the balloon check valve.

The common manufacturing material of balloon check valve is silica gel, which is safe and harmless to human body.


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