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Ouchang manual nasal irrigator

Ouchang manual nasal irrigator

Product Details

Next, Hangzhou Qiwei will introduce to you a nasal irrigator product-this product is called Ouchang manual nasal irrigator, so what features does it have in the field of nasal lavage products that can make it stand out? ?

The editor will tell you about its one-way intake valve system, which is one of its features. The one-way air intake valve system means that this product can complete automatic air intake, so that the water flow is uninterrupted. When we squeeze the bottle body by hand, the air will automatically enter, and the pressure in the bottle will squeeze the water out. The product will be like this, but the feature of this product is that when we are not squeezing the bottle, the automatic air intake system is open. At this time, air will still enter, and the water flow will not be interrupted because we let go.

The Ouchang manual nasal irrigator also has a 60° angle design, which can control the water flow speed at 6ml per second, which is relatively stable. The product is equipped with three rinse heads, which can be used by adults and children. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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