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Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator

Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator

Product Details

The editor of Qi Wei will introduce to you the product of Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator. It is a nasal washing device. It is used to clean and care our nasal cavity. Some friends suffer from rhinitis, or nasal cavity comparison. Sensitive, when the weather is dry and the season changes or the weather is bad, the nose will feel uncomfortable, not ventilate, itchy, etc. A series of symptoms, Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator can be used to alleviate this situation. It operates It is very convenient and simple. You dissolve the nasal cleansing salt or nasal cleansing agent with water according to the proportion in the instructions, and put it in the Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator, then put the rinsing head on the side of the nasal cavity and put the suction tube Into the container, at this time, as long as you squeeze the airbag with your hands, the lotion will flow into our nasal cavity and rinse the nasal cavity.

Ouchang multifunctional nasal irrigator is sold in all major pharmacies. If you are interested in ordering, please call or leave a message to contact Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Our company will serve you wholeheartedly, and if you are interested in ordering large quantities, we will return Can provide samples for you to try.

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