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Dusit Automatic Control Nasal Irrigator

Dusit Automatic Control Nasal Irrigator

Product Details

Dusit Auto-control nasal irrigator is a nasal irrigator product sold by Hangzhou Qiwei Biotechnology. I believe that the role of nasal irrigator does not need to be introduced to you in detail. It is for patients with rhinitis and nose The cleaning equipment for comfortable patients to maintain to relieve itching and other uncomfortable symptoms usually consists of an air bag or bottle body, plus a flushing tube, which is the product component of Duxi's automatic control nasal irrigator.

The following editor will explain the key points of nose washing. There are several key points to pay attention to. When cleaning, don't forget to move lightly, whether the water temperature is suitable for high or low, and use your mouth to breathe. Why? The light movement means that the strength of pinching the bottle should be controlled, not too strong, and slowly find the appropriate strength; the water temperature is too cold or too hot, it will be as close to the body temperature as possible, so that it feels more comfortable and will not be hurt, such as Say a 500ml bottle, you can add 100ml of boiling water and 400ml of cold water, this temperature is generally more appropriate. Breathing with your mouth is because the nasal cavity is not ventilated during nasal washing. If you breathe through your nose, you will choke water.

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