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Single balloon with valve

Single balloon with valve

Product Details

Our company has been selling medical and health supplies and consumables for a long time. A single balloon with valve is a kind of medical consumables. It is also called a balloon one-way valve. Our common manual irrigators, such as gynecological irrigators, enema and manual In the nasal irrigator, you can see a soft balloon at the end. When we clean the body, by squeezing this balloon, we can control the water from the irrigator to complete the flushing process.

Why is it recommended that you purchase a balloon with a one-way valve? Because the valved balloon can avoid the backflow of dirty water, the backflowing dirty water will contaminate our flusher and cause secondary pollution to the body. A single balloon with a valve can avoid this problem. A balloon without a valve will be easily contaminated by the backflow of dirty water. Not only can it not clean the body, but it also allows germs to enter the depths of our body along with the water. A single balloon with a valve can be purchased independently, without the need for a flushing nozzle. Frequent replacement of the balloon can keep the flusher safe and clean, avoid the growth of colonies, and thus protect our health.

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