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Hand-held electric nasal washing device

Hand-held electric nasal washing device

Product Details

Dear friends, please take a look at our hand-held electric nasal washing device in the picture below. Does the shape of this hand-held electric nasal washing device look familiar? Some friends who have dental flushers at home may have discovered that the appearance of this nasal irrigator is actually no different from dental flushers, but it has a total of 5 levels of water pressure from soft to standard, which is better than ordinary flushing. The device needs to be meticulous, so it can also be used instead of the dental device. Is it wonderful to have a dual-use device? This product has 6 nozzles, which can take care of the three functions of nasal washing, tooth washing, and tongue washing, and the purchase of this product will give you 120 packets of nasal washing salt, which is enough for you to use for four months. And it also has two output modes: pulse and water mist. The water mist is soft and the pulse is strong. It can be used freely by both adults and children. The quality of this product has been certified by the national standard and the European Union to ensure reliability. If you intend to order handheld -Style electric nasal washing device, please call the phone number reserved in the upper right corner of the website or leave a message for consultation, thanks!

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